October 27 2023

Selecting and installing furniture edge bands: a comprehensive guide

Furniture edge bands- provide the aesthetic appearance of furniture and significantly increases its durability and functionality. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to select and install furniture edge bands to achieve great results in your furniture projects.

Furniture edge bands

Furniture edge bands, also called edge veneers. They are thin strips of material, usually made of plastic or wood, that are used to cover and protect the edges of furniture. The main functions of furniture edges are:

  •  Edge protection: Protects furniture from damage such as chips, dents and moisture.
  • Safety: They protect us from accidental injuries related to sharp edges.
  • Durability: Improves the durability of furniture by preventing chipping and edge wear
  • Aesthetics: They add an elegant look to furniture by masking the raw edges of furniture boards.

Which furniture edge bands should you choose?

1. Pay attention to the material

The most popular materials used for the production of furniture edge bands are PVC, ABS, aluminum and wood. The choice depends on the style of the furniture and its purpose. PVC and ABS are durable, easy to care for and available in many colors. Wood gives furniture a natural, elegant look, but may require more maintenance

2. Adjust the appropriate thickness and width of the furniture edge bands

The thickness and width of furniture edge bands should be selected taking into account the thickness of the material they cover. Make sure you choose edge banding with the right dimensions to achieve a good final result.

3. Choose the color that will suit you best

The colors of Folmag furniture edge bands are widely available, so you can match them to the colors of the furniture or the room in which they will be located. A well-matched color can integrate the furniture with the rest of the interior.

How to install furniture edge band?

Step 1. Preparation

Make sure the surface of the furniture is clean, dry and free from any irregularities. Cut the edge to the appropriate length, leaving a small margin.

Step 2. Applying glue

Apply glue (preferably thermal or contact glue) to the edge of the furniture and to the back of the furniture edge. Remember to spread the glue evenly.

Step 3. Assembly

Press the furniture edge carefully to the edge of the furniture. Use a pinch roller to remove any air bubbles and ensure strong adhesion.

Step 4. Finishing

After installing the edging, remove excess material or any pieces of glue. It is worth using a file to smooth the edges.

When we decide to install furniture edge bands, we make a choice that affects not only the aesthetics, but also the practicality and safety of the furniture. The edges protect against damage, add elegance and extend the life of the furniture.

We encourage you to experiment and create unique furniture designs, using the potential of this product. With our edge bands your furniture will not only be functional, but will also become a real work of art in the interior.

Our assortment includes edges of the highest quality. By matching the colors of the edges to the furniture boards available on the market, you will easily find a solution that suits your individual needs. Contact us via the form and our experts will help you choose edges that will meet your expectations.

Furniture edge bands

Authors: Folmag