Felt pads effectively protect smooth floor surfaces against scratches. They are used underneath chairs, tables, armchairs and other furniture, allowing them to be moved comfortably and quietly – both on parquet floors, panels and carpets. What’s more, they work perfectly as bumpers – e.g. in kitchen cabinets.

We offer felt furniture pads made of highly compressed felt, which remains durable for many years. The use of very strong glue ensures their excellent adhesion, and the wide variety of colors, shapes and dimensions allows you to adjust the pads individually to your needs.


– wide range of shapes, sizes and colors
– Polish production
– possible packaging: single or collective packaging
– custom production available

We offer various ways of packing felt pads:

Single packaging (for shops, wholesalers and supermarkets) – contain
EAN codes and euro tags, translated in 4 languages
Collective packaging
(for furniture manufacturers) –
contain 1000 pieces of pads.


Self-adhesive caps are small elements that are installed in furniture joints. Thanks to them, it is possible to effectively cover screws, dowels and thus increase the aesthetics of cabinets, tables, chairs and many other pieces of furniture.

We offer caps in a wide range of colors and several sizes that are perfectly matched to furniture boards. These are the thinnest solutions on the market, which are nevertheless characterized by outstanding durability and ensure effective covering of furniture joints for many years. The use of durable and strong acrylic glue makes them adhere perfectly to the surface.


– various sizes: 10, 14, 20, 25, 30, 40mm
– very strong acrylic glue that does not loose its properties
– perfect fit for furniture boards
– possibility of making various shapes and sizes as individual order

Our goal is to adapt self-adhesive caps to the individual needs of customers, which is why we provide the possibility of packaging them in various configurations – according to specific needs.

Silicone bumpers

Silicone bumpers provide excellent soundproofing for doors and furniture fronts. They effectively protect furniture from damages and increase user comfort.

The bumpers are made of transparent silicone, so they are invisible and do not affect the aesthetics of the furniture. The use of high-quality material in their production makes them extremely durable, and the high-quality 3M self-adhesive glue allows for perfect attachment of the bumpers to the furniture surface.


– innovative shape
– very strong glue
– Polish production
– many colors, shapes and sizes available

To meet the needs of store and wholesale owners, we offer many sizes and shapes of silicone bumpers with the possibility of individulaly packaging.

edge bands

Furniture edge band is a way of outstanding finish of the raw edges of furniture boards. We offer solutions that not only improve visual values, but also increase durability and functionality of various types of furniture.

We offer single packed edge bands or full rolls, providing the highest production quality. Thanks to the variety of colors matching the furniture boards available on the market, everyone will find a solution that meets their individual needs.


a) hot melt:
– available sizes: 21 and 40mm width
– very strong hot melt glue
– perfect color match to furniture boards
– available in various lengths

b) self-adhesive:
– very strong acrylic glue
– very easy application
– available roll lengths: 5 and 20 meters
– wide range of colors

Our rich assortment involves:

Melamine furniture edge bands – adhere perfectly to the surface and are oustandingly scratch and crack resistant
Self-adhesive furniture edge bands are
very easy to apply and available in various colors
PVC/ABS furniture edge bands –
moisture resistant and various
types of mechanical damage


How to change the appearance of furniture or make it look impressive? One way is to use high-quality laminates. They can be used both for furniture carcass and to create fronts of wardrobes, tables and other pieces of furniture

We offer furniture laminates made of high-quality materials which are characterized by excellent damage resistance and remain beautiful even after many years of intensive usage.
Moreover, our laminates are available in many types – they can effectively imitate wood, stone or concrete, providing great possibilities for finishing furniture.


– perfect fit for furniture countertops
– very strong hot melt glue
– self-assembly
– high quality laminates


Our company’s offer includes not only furniture edges, caps and laminates. We also offer high-quality accessories that are available in many colors, dimensions and configurations.

We pay special attention to the quality of the accessories we offer. Thanks to the use of selected materials in their production, they are characterized by excellent durability parameters and provide great possibilities in terms of furniture finishing.

We offer our accessories to furniture manufacturers, stores and wholesalers, and also provide the possibility of packaging them.

We recommend

Plinth vents
Furniture feet
Furniture wedges
Door wedges

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